RoadSync (UIQ) 2.002

Sync your mobile with Outlook when you're on the move

Instantly access your corporate Outlook e-mail and data on the world’s most popular smartphones. RoadSync allows you to access, sync and efficiently manage all your important data securely - without an expensive middleware server or a need to keep your computer on by directly connecting with your company's Exchange Server.

RoadSync downloads your Outlook data and stores it locally on the device for quick review. Plus, all changes and updates made on the device will directly sync with your Microsoft Exchange 2003 account providing a convenient way to stay up-to-date while away from the office and on the go. Delete, reply or add an item on your handset and all updates will be reflected when you open Outlook on your desktop computer.

Scheduled synchronizations will automatically alert you of new e-mail and appointments. With a couple of quick adjustments to the preferences, you can easily set up the ideal in-office, on-the-road or home experience.

Download a preview or the entire thing – RoadSync includes advanced settings for date ranges and message sizes. Not only will this keep you organized but it will also save you time and valuable phone memory. Plus, since it is based on the ActiveSync® protocol, all data transmitted wirelessly is optimized for maximum speed and efficiency.

RoadSync is a completely wireless solution. There are no cords, cables or cradles needed to get your e-mail on your smartphone nor any hidden service charges. Setup is easy and all DataViz products are backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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RoadSync (UIQ) 2.002

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